Space Cowboys

Space Cowboys: Session 2

Frisky in Frisco.

On the approach to Regina, the moon on which Frisco was located, the Persephone detected three Alliance gunboats; The Victorious, The Redoubtable, The Renown. Pre-warned by Sam, Johan was unsurprised by their presence, and plotted a course that took them beyond the gunboats and their sensors, and they set down safely at the spaceport; Port Frisco.

Everything seemed closed down, or running on low power, but focusing on the task at hand the crew disembarked, with Johan looking for his contact, Sackett. A stranger approached the landing pad, introducing himself as a banker named Blake, and after a brief discussion the crew had a potential new cargo of silver to transport to Newhouse on a nearby moon on the way out, and directions to meet Sackett, the chief Engineer of the settlement.

They dropped Ernst off at the Saloon, and continued on to meet Sackett, passing a couple on the way. Ernst had pointed them out to Johan as Brigit, the woman who had hired Fox to go after Sam the miner, and the owner of the Frisco mines, J.W. McClarrin.

They found Sackett, a good looking man who smiled at both women, before seemingly focussing in on Minnie, who appreciated the attention. After a quick conversation Johan arranged the cargo transfer with Sackett and then was directed to the school house to meet Bridgit who would pay for the cargo.

Johan gave the crew time off, and Jesse made a bee-line for the saloon, with Gracie in tow, “To keep the kid out of trouble”. With a last wistful look at Sackett, Minnie joined Gracie and Jesse leaving Johan to meet Brigit alone.

Brigit was clearly attempting to get Johan to release the cargo without payment, and was very persuasive, however, Johan dug his heels in and only agreed to release the cargo once he’d secured 75% payment; enough to fuel the ship, feed and pay the crew, and leave plenty spare for future contingencies. Swearing at himself for being a fool, Johan repaired to the Saloon to rejoin the crew for a quick drink before meeting Sackett to offload the cargo. Minnie had been gambling, having amazingly broken even, while Jesse, almost forgotten by those supposedly looking after him dashed out to follow them.

Sackett got the cargo unloaded, and then called Johan over;

“Blake says there’s a meeting at the courthouse. He may have a job for you.”

Immediately suspicious, Johan asked “Who else’ll be there?”

“Probably the town council, Miss Brigit-”

Johan sighed. “OK. I’ll be there.”

“Boss.” Jesse prompted “I’m off for a walk!”

Johan nodded. “Minnie, go with him. No-one goes anywhere alone. Gracie, you’re with me.”

As Jesse and Gracie entered the meeting room, they saw that the great and the good of Frisco were waiting for them. Sackett, J.W. McClarrin who was arguing with the Union Boss Chad Sloat, other council members, and the reporter Caeser Charles. Keeping everyone calm was Brigit.

They had a proposal for Johan. “We need a Sheriff!”

Johan started laughing.

“No! No! You don’t understand, we’ve heard of a man named Pearson who’s based in Newhouse. He gets paid depending on his performance. We were thinking of hiring him…”

Johan nodded, as it became clear that the room was divided between those that wanted to call the Alliance in, and those that wanted Pearson.

Johan spoke up; “If you value your autonomy, the Alliance isn’t the way to go…”

“They don’t play well with others!” Gracie added.

Their words seemed to sway the room, and they were offered a lucrative contract to deliver a delegation to Newhouse who would negotiate with Pearson. Feeling as though he was stepping into a trap, Johan glanced at Gracie, who nodded, so he shrugged and agreed to the contract.

The delegation would be made up by A.A. Sherman, the chief negotiator, accompanied by Chad Sloat, and Blake’s son, Jimmy. Johan negotiated with Blake to transport the cargo of silver to Newhouse too. They planned to leave Frisco the following morning, and so spent the night in the Saloon attempting to avoid trouble. Gracie ended up giving lessons to the courtesans attempting to seduce the crew. Minnie had disappeared with Sackett, leaving the two men to drink quietly.

The following morning, just as the Persephone was about to lift off, a sheepish Sackett leapt off the ramp, before doubling back as Minnie threw his shirt and pistol after him. He doffed his hat as the ship burned away from the surface and plotted a course to Newhouse.


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