Grace Mary-Anne Bywater

One Time Exotic Dancer and all Time Arse Kicker


Name: Grace Mary-Anne Bywater AKA Dayla Slinker
Role: Dancer/Bouncer

Personnal Security Expert: 4
Adult Entertainment specialist: 3
Sweet Talkin’ : 3
Spaceship Systems: 1
Balancing the Books: 1
Free Points: 1


Dayla Slinker was born Grace Mary-anne Bywater but the man had said no-one would pay to see her dance with such a country hick name. She hadn’t meant to end up in a strip club, she had left home with a dream of fame and fortune in the Core. But 3 planets over her money ran out and she had to find work. It was meant to be a quick fix; dance for a few weeks to earn enough for her next passage then move on. But then the house started taking a bigger and bigger cut of her earnings. Her meager bills started to pile up and she had to start dodging loan sharks in dark alleys. She needed more cash fast and the house gave her a choice: Turn tricks or break legs. It was obvious which they expected ‘sweet little Gracie’ to go for but she had promised herself when she took the job that no man would touch her unless she wanted them to. Besides, Grace grew up on a farm, blood didn’t bother her and she’d already had to fight off enough ‘Debt collectors’ to know the basics. They were surprised at her choice and obviously expected her to change her mind within a week. However, when the 1st trouble maker flew over the balcony with a broken arm they realized she was serious. They also realized what a boon it was to have an enforcer that most patrons ignored. Without a looming thug in the background the customers were more relaxed so spent more money and the girls knew Gracie would step in if things got rough. Over the next year or so she cleared her debts and even managed to scrape together a little savings. As soon as she could she found passage on a ship outta there and she hasn’t looked back.

Grace Mary-Anne Bywater

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