Johan Lee

A secretive ex-military pilot with a talent for scrounging.



4 – Hotshot Fighter Pilot
4 – Natural Leader
2 – Negotiator
2 – Stubborn
1 – Scavenger & Tinkerer


Johan Lee was a military pilot before he left the service, although he’s never been entirely clear about which service it was, or which side of the war he fought on.

Since then he’s been very much a loner, making a living of sorts, drifting from ship to ship. His talents as a pilot, and ability to find just about anything that anyone needs anywhere, and turn junk into something useful have meant he’s never struggled for work. He’s vague about his life and anything he’s done prior to his current role, and tends to ignore those that push too much.

He’s recently been bequeathed a ship by an old friend, although who that friend was is something else he doesn’t speak of.

Johan Lee

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